Veneers and Other Cosmetic Dentistry


Thousands of years ago, out of necessity, early man improvised crude techniques and treatments to relieve the dental suffering caused by decayed and abscessed teeth. The discovery of dental anesthesia heralded a new dawn for dentistry, and the exponential growth of knowledge has led to technological advances like the high speed air rotor drill, and continuing sophistication in the dental material sciences. Dentistry has been evolving from a dreaded but necessary profession dedicated to eliminating dental pain, and is now transcending to a pain-free and in-demand high-tech science of dental artistry.

The dental mantra of “extensive for prevention” was an old philosophy that dictated dental fillings should be expanded in size to incorporate all tooth grooves. A cavity was often enlarged to accommodate the instruments used to compact the dental amalgam. With the birth of composite “bonding” and resin adhesive technology, a new era of “minimally invasive dentistry” was ushered into existence. Lasers are used now to detect minute amounts of decay in tooth grooves, and extremely small drills can be employed to remove the decay, after which conservative composite resin can be flowed into the groove to seal and strengthen the tooth. Teeth no longer have to be drilled down so extensively, as composite and porcelain restorative materials are increasingly making possible a more aesthetic and more conservative result. Cosmetic bonding and tooth bleaching have created great demand for these elective dental services as consumers are seeking to maximize their attractiveness and appeal. Demand for beautiful dental aesthetics and the appeal of “minimally invasive dentistry” have found expression in the product known as Porcelain Dental Veneers.

I am very excited to offer Porcelain Dental Veneers because these superior strength porcelain laminates can be made extremely thin, shaped to mimic ideal tooth shape and color, and bonded to the teeth without the drilling of sensitive tooth structure or the need for any anesthetic. The recent television show “Extreme Makeover” highlighted the fact that cosmetic dental treatments were the most dramatic improvements for the show’s participants.

Patients are now enthusiastic to come to the dental office seeking veneers. The barrier imposed by having to drill one’s teeth to achieve a more pleasing smile and appearance has finally been lifted. Porcelain Veneers enable me to transform almost anyone’s appearance dramatically. The ability to create beautiful, confidence-building smiles with veneers is a continuing source of great personal satisfaction. I am very happy to help make a real difference in the lives of my patients. Whenever you have the chance to build a person’s confidence, and increase the beauty of their smile and appearance, as is possible with no-drilling veneers, this is a great opportunity! Give us a call, let’s get started on your smile today.

Dr. Meeker