The Maori Eternity Symbol Lamp

This lamp is the New Zealand Maori tribe’s symbol for Eternity. There is no beginning and no end to time as symbolized by the continuity of the sinuous curving form.

British Columbian Jade has been inlaid vertically in the center of the lamp in three places on each side.

The symbol is hand carved from Ancient Kauri wood. Ancient Kauri trees were entombed in a peat bog in northern New Zealand for more than 50,000 years as verified by carbon 14 dating. At this time there were only about 10,000 humans on the earth as they inexplicably migrated out of Northern Africa to apparently survive and populate Northern Europe, The Middle East, India, and Asia.

Worm holes in the wood have been filled with gold wire, cemented and polished. This represents how apparent flaws or failings can be turned into beautiful assets. These imperfections represent our fallibility, frailties and human condition which provide opportunities for growth, character and the wealth of a deeper understanding.

The base of the lamp is Nigerian Ebony wood from Africa.