The Hawaiian Coconut Lamp

This lamp began shortly after picking up a coconut in a grove. Love for Hawaii is expressed in this creation.

The finial appears on the horizon of the shade in the form of the big island (carved from Hawaiian Koa wood after closely studying the island on Google Earth).

Orange coral forms the lava erupting from the now dormant Mauna Kea volcano.

Below the shade is a fernlike whorl made from ancient Kauri wood from New Zealand. This actual piece of wood was buried and preserved in a peat bog in Northern New Zealing for more than 50,000 years. This has been verified by carbon 14 dating.

Below is a band of Lapis Lazuli stone representing the Pacific Ocean.

A plumeria blossom was carved in Koa wood and inlaid with Blue Palau abalone also from the eastern Pacific waters. The stamens rising above the plumeria are made from Keishi Tahitian black pearls which have been drilled and cemented onto 14 carat gold wire.

The connection to the coconut is carved like a coconut trunk and the Koa base has been carved with hand chisels to represent the swells on the ocean.