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While Dr. Meeker is certainly conscientious and extremely meticulous in performing general, cosmetic and implant dentistry, what sets him apart is his sincere interest in the person who is his patient. Listening to and understanding the patient’s point of view, interests, vision and motivation are key to providing excellent service. It is in being sensitive to people and anticipating their needs that Dr. Meeker hopes to impart the feeling to each patient that his interest in their welfare extends well beyond their teeth……because he truly cares! It is because of a basic belief that we are all one that he strives for the very best for each patient.

Having grown up in Pasadena, living on the west coast and surfing the Pacific for most of his life, Dr. Meeker stayed close to home while acquiring both his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and his Master of Science Degree in Anatomy and Physiology from California Polytechnic State University. However, when it came to dental school, he decided to change it up a bit and move to the opposite coast to Washington D.C. for his education at Georgetown University’s School of Dentistry, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Afterwards, staying true to his California roots, Dr. Meeker returned to Pasadena and has been in private practice here for over a quarter century. In all things dental and for that matter, the rest of his life, Dr. Meeker seeks only the best in everything. Whether it be our beautiful office building, unique handmade office furniture and décor, the best dental drills, instruments, cat scanner, dental microscope, dental laboratory or the individuals who work with him, there is absolutely no substitute for quality and it is the essential common element in every aspect of Dr. Meeker’s practice.

It is never a question of what will be cost-effective for us,
it is ALWAYS what will be the absolute best for our patients.

Ethical, honest, and accountable are the traits that dictate a superior effort be given to each patient that Dr. Meeker serves. It may seem like sermonizing, however trust is not something to be regarded lightly and we work very hard to secure yours.

Dr. Meeker’s wealth of experience, personal fidelity, and motivation to do his very best for you is a powerful combination and
the compelling reason we think you should check out our website and then give us a call, set up an appointment, and see for yourself.
If you’re a patient and would like to give us feedback on your visit, leave comments and/or suggestions for the practice, please contact Dr. Meeker directly or fill out the contact form on the site and send it to us. Thank you.

200 East Del Mar Boulevard, Suite 100
Pasadena, CA 91105 626/792-6344

We’d like every patient to know that your comfort is of utmost importance to us.

If you’ve had unfortunate dental experiences in the past, please let us know. Oral sedation for relaxation may be an option that appeals to you for any needed dental work. Interestingly enough, the old adage that “perfect trust casts out all fear” certainly rings true in our office because we find many patients eventually lose their apprehension and need for medication as their trust increases.

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Our e.max veneers and LUMINEERS are custom designed to give you the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of without invasive drilling – totally pain-free.

Are you interested in getting implants?

SurgiGuides drill guides are custom manufactured for each patient and specifically developed to give you the best possible results once you decide to get implants.

DIAGNOdent finds hidden decay early.

DIAGNOdent is a small laser instrument that scans your teeth for decay that can develop beneath the hard surface enamel. Early detection of problems minimizes the expenses related to major tooth repair.

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